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WhatsApp Gives New Archive Options to Hide Unwanted Chat Groups

Before we begin, let’s start off by stating that probably all of us have more than one, if not multiple annoying chat groups that we’re a part of but cannot leave. People are trying to take the most advantage of WhatsApp features. Still, there’s a thin line between connecting people and simplifying communication and being just plain pesky, on the other hand. 

It usually goes like this: Planning a birthday surprise party? Let’s make a WhatsApp group! Are you planning a trip somewhere? Let’s make a group! The list goes on: meme-sharing groups, strictly workgroups, colleague groups, just-for-fun groups, groups specifically made for fluffy cat content, etc.

It’s easy to deduce that many beeping and vibrating noises can come from your phone, while these groups are not muted. And yes, you can mute every single one of these and look at the messages later when it suits you, but if muting is just not enough, Ben Givon has some great news! 

WhatsApp Chat Groups Archive

What’s New?

The popular social app has added an option for all of those who want some chats to stay hidden – forever! Managing chat threads was never easier, and this time, all of the archived chats remain in the archive, even when new messages emerge in the groups.

Prioritizing private conversations and the freedom to manage and organize private contacts properly is the idea behind these new features. Mute has got a new friend on the block, and his name is Archive, with a 2.0 version that keeps all of the noisy messages away from you, safely hidden. The archive is your new best friend. Plus, you can always change them back if they stop being so annoying.

Just to make things clear, the archive option was always available to WhatsApp users. Still, the downside was that as soon as a new message would arrive, the archived thread would immediately pop back out of the archive and into your regular threads. Now, you can hide them entirely and re-activate them when needed. 

WhatsApp Archive Chat groups

Inbox Cluttering Who?

Active threads can now be kept away from your precious inbox, and inbox cluttering, especially for those who are a part of numerous groups, is done for. In the past couple of years, WhatsApp has done experiments before, with a similar feature being tested by the name “vacation mode” back in 2019.

Many users continuously express frustration when new messages arrive and disrupt their inbox by noisy chat groups. And yes, we get it. Mute is just not enough sometimes. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that you want a certain chat in the archive because now, if an important message arrives, you won’t be able to see it in your inbox. This doesn’t have to be an issue, though, if you plan on checking the archive every once in a while to see if anything crucial popped up. 

To conclude, the new option might not be a major update, but it will be huge news for heavy WhatsApp users who enjoy the app quite much. It’s available to all WhatsApp users worldwide, starting from July 27th.

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