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Using Facebook for Affiliate Marketing – Social Media Tips With Ben Givon

No matter what people say, the days of affiliate marketing are far from gone. Lots of folks  think that affiliate marketing has had its day, and now it’s in a slow decline. Making money digitally as an affiliate marketer was effective for people 5-10 years ago because the business was rising. Some now believe that the marketplace is too flooded.

A thing that has been transforming the face of affiliate marketing and the way people purchase consumer goods is Facebook.

As a Facebook affiliate marketer, you absolutely can not afford to neglect the biggest social media platform. No matter if you’re promoting UI or cosmetics, there is always a target audience for some kind of product and service you can find there, and in this Ben Givon blog post, you will learn the best tips for being an affiliate marketer on Facebook.

Start off with a Facebook group

The first phase to building a strong group is to pick your niche. Niches are an extremely successful way to target the appropriate type of audience! Know the demographics of the customers you target so that you can market the correct kind of goods and services to them.

A Facebook group may start with only a small handful of your friends and grow up from there. Don’t just post goods that you get commission from — this typically looks like a scam. When people go to your community page and see that you’re endorsing a lot of different items, they’ll put more faith in your opinion and see you as honest.

Create a Facebook Page

From the drop-down menu, pick ‘Advertising on Facebook.’ In the Pages tab, choose to create a page.

Then you’re going to have to insert a few important details and you’re free to begin!

Your page may act pretty much like a group, but there is a little less contact with a page. You will build an authentic presence on the Facebook page. You will have access to a lot of insights as a page creator. Usually, these details are focused on three main fields. They’re: page likes, post reach, and engagement. You can also monitor page fans, views and stats.

Work on you SEO

While SEO is a concept commonly related to Google, you may need to take action to enhance it when you use Facebook for your affiliate marketing.

  • When your Facebook like number hits 25, you can get the vanity URL for your Facebook profile. Vanity URL is a simpler, more readable take on the classic URL. So it is simpler for the search engine to find your brand.
  • Backlinking is a vital aspect of SEO. Keep working to obtain links from popular, renown pages.
  • When writing updates to your page, ensure you use your keywords. In the first few words, Google prefers the keyword at the start. You may also provide a link to your affiliate’s web page in the post.
  • Note that ‘Facebook Notes’ rates high in search engines. They’re perfect for offering some promo for special occasions or offerings.
The Ben Givon blog is dedicated to helping you bring your affiliate marketing game to another level

Facebook Ads

Facebook has specific rules as to what ads should look like, and it also makes you send ad placement requests more than once. Perseverance is the answer, and it can pay off practically.

Your advertisements can advertise such items and referral ties if you want to, but they are also effective when used in combination with a blog. Your decision is yours, but one thing is certain: images are essential. Review the photos so that you can choose the right one for your ads. Know that humans are visual beings, and Facebook can often intimidate people, so making the pictures eye-catching and entertaining can result in more purchases.

Promoting Posts

If it sounds a bit overwhelming to do a whole ad campaign, try promoting the highlights of what you publish. If you see that a product is doing well, you can give it a little push to improve revenue further. This is a perfect middle ground for people who strive to increase their Facebook affiliate marketing game, but they don’t have the time, ability, or motivation to produce effective ad campaign images.

To Conclude

Facebook is the leading social networking site for affiliate marketers, but note that at Ben Givon it is recommended that Facebook affiliate marketing should always accompany the marketing on other platforms. The biggest social media site in the world is going to give you an advantage. It’ll take time and persistence, but if you endure, you’ll see the benefits.

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