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Top 5 Social Media Topics Trending Right Now by Ben Givon

Social media as well as any other communication tools experienced serious changes due to the pandemic consequences that are still unraveling in front of us and in this case, on our screens. Watching the world through the social media window, from the comfort of your home, has surely increased social media activity on a daily basis and on a global scale – reports say that social media consumption was up by 72%. After the initial shock passed, brands and companies focused on following trends, listening to the audiences’ needs and going around all the covid-related obstacles that prevented them from functioning normally. Ben Givon lists 5 focus areas that can be seen trending on social media and how to use them to your advantage.

  1. New and Emerging Media

Vlogs, podcasts, e-sports, videos-on-demand and streaming services are media game changers that are taking over our screen time little by little. The content is accessible across devices and most importantly it can be consumed anywhere and anytime. A wide range of genres, a variety of options – something for every taste. There’s a well-known lyric “video killed the radio star” and if that’s so, podcasts and binge-watching shows on streaming platforms are the new contenders. Try using multiple channels to broaden target audiences and maximize cross device reach to avoid disconnection. 

  1. Maker Movement

Artists and content creators nowadays tend to experiment with technology in order to cultivate new and immersive art experiences like 3D printing, for example. All of the upsides of social media seem to be suitable for emerging artists to branch out and reach larger audiences, attain new skills through video tutorials, but first and foremost, to get the needed inspiration from worldwide content, centralized in one place – your feed. Partnering with creative influencers and creators can open doors for your company and give an authentic and personalized note to your brand. Reports have shown that hiring a micro influencer can generate up to 22 times more weekly conversions. Authenticity doesn’t just come from influencers – you can use creative ways to communicate with your audience and adapt to their needs. So, listen up!

  1. Green Is the New Black

The pandemic largely changed our perception and shifted towards the things that matter – society and its hyper focus on preservation of the environment. Consumers are switching up their routine for more conscious, eco-friendly alternatives and are expecting businesses and brands to do the same. Self-sustainability triggered by the pandemic and this “green” trend propelled hobbies such as indoor horticulture and beekeeping. The rediscovery of nature and all of its beauty through hiking, climbing and backpacking was induced by entire state lockdowns and travel restrictions. People are also adopting diets that contain natural ingredients and are moving away from meat and all the harmful animal byproducts like methane. According to research, the sales of meat alternatives grew 19% in the last year. Nowadays people want to support eco-friendly companies, so cleaner products, charitable donations and recyclable materials can be some of the great ways your brand can make a difference, but also, move along with the ongoing green trend, that’ll be around for some time now. Be sure to share your brand’s efforts to promote sustainability on social media and email campaigns, so that your customers can see that you are a part of the solution.

  1. Wellness Consciousness

In addition to making the world a better place, self-awareness and self care were one of the hottest topics of 2020 – having a healthy, nurtured body and mind leads to a more fulfilling life. Using meditation and training apps and scanning product labels were some of the ways people reinforced wellness awareness by relying on technology. Checking for harmful ingredients in food and skincare products was also one of the trends that are gaining traction, while reports have shown that there was an increase in the earnings of the top 10 highest-rated meditation apps by a staggering 52%. Consider incorporating hardware and software technology to show the benefits of your products or your offered service. 

  1. Occupandi temporis – Seize the Moment

Following the idea of leading a healthier lifestyle, people are toasting to the little things – a celebration of the simple pleasures of life. Skincare routines, bath salts, indulging artsy and “instagramable” food and drinks, you name it! Ben Givon’s advice is to offer a unique, treat-yourself experience for your customers, that requires little to no effort and simple instructions. Providing the best and yet simple customer experience is sometimes the only thing that’s needed for a lasting, positive impression and returning loyal customers.

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