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The Metaverse’s New Tools for Businesses

Last year, right before the holiday season, Metaverse, previously known as Facebook, made a move to help businesses make more profit. The social network launched a new set of tools. 

Meta designed this both new and updated set of tools to aid businesses in connecting with clients. The main goal of Metaverse’s new tools for businesses is to provide brands with a better chance to extend their business in the digital world.

The New Features Among Metaverse’s New Tools for Businesses

Among the array of new features and products for businesses that Meta offers now is the enhanced ability to make audio and video calls on Messenger. Through the Business Inbox in Messenger feature, Metaverse’s new tools for businesses allows companies to communicate with clients in a private setting. This move enables users to enjoy personal contact and phone benefits at the same time. Other advantages of this are video calling and messaging, all conveniently set in one app.

Expanding Digital Reach

While the world was trying to adapt to life during the pandemic, digital businesses boomed like never before. To stay competitive, companies had to expand their digital reach and adjust the way they promoted their products and services. 

Reaching out and engaging with thousands of potential customers had never been so valued. Tools created specifically for helping businesses succeed digitally are finally here for the taking. The best example of this is Metaverse’s new tools for business. 

A couple of months ago, Facebook declared they were gradually introducing a new set of tools within Facebook Business Suite. Additionally, the social media giant provided insights and streamlined the creation process of ads. They stated they’re implementing this to help brands prioritize fulfilling sales as well as save time and resources.

The Live Audio Rooms

One of the key new features is the Live Audio Rooms. Facebook brings Live Audio Rooms to enable businesses to host conversations on relevant subjects to their audience. This way, customers will be able to discover them across the social network.

The Appointments Feature

This is an easy and accessible manner for businesses to receive and manage orders from existing and new customers through their Meta page. The network is updating the Appointments feature so it can be utilized by companies worldwide.

Clients will also be able to book appointments with local businesses at the most convenient time via the global Appointment Booking feature. 

Metaverse’s New Tools for Businesses and Personalized Ads

In early 2021 Facebook launched a campaign called “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found.” The campaign demonstrated how efficient personalized ads could be in helping users find new things. Now, following its success, Meta decided to test additional measures to expand the reach of personalized ads.

Users might soon start getting messages popping in their feed when they like a business ad. The message will let them know how engagement with a business can help the brand grow by finding new customers. 

This new feature may prove invaluable in motivating Meta users to engage with online businesses, which would result in helping them grow.

Shopping Simplified 

The social network is also trying to simplify the process of connecting people with businesses via WhatsApp. By doing so, users will have access to a complete view of the company’s products directly in its profile. Meta is rolling out catalog collections to businesses across the globe.

The collections allow companies to organize their products by category, so users don’t have to scroll through long lists to locate what they are looking for. This feature could boost customer engagement which will result in online success. 


As technology keeps evolving, businesses should find new ways to adapt to that evolution. One thing is for sure, taking your business online is not an option anymore, but a necessity. This will provide your company with better tools to stay competitive in the ever-changing markets.

Meta is a great starting point, especially now that all these new features are still fresh: this is the moment to explore them, try them out, and use what proves better results. Seize the moment; the future is now, the opportunity is yours to take.

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