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The fundamental guide to content writing for Marketers by Ben Givon

Content writing is a creative process that involves research, planning, writing, editing and finally publishing the content on the web. The forms of content can be diverse, anything from a blog post to a video script is considered content. The most important criteria while creating content is an intention to produce something useful and helpful. Good content not only generates clicks, but it builds trust between your brand and the audience. 

Solid content originates from thorough keyword research. Some people might choose to write about something they like without taking SEO into account. However, as long as your blog post ranks in Google for relevant search queries, you will acquire steady organic search traffic. Use keyword research tools like Adwords Keyword Planner to determine which words people search for most often and incorporate them into your content. Keywords play a significant role in SEO, it happens due to data collection and ranking based on the keywords mentioned. If the content you write is SEO friendly, it ensures that your article appears on SERP thereby putting it in front of potential readers. 

Another important criteria is CTA (Call To Action), as it sends the message to your readers about the activities your content encourages. Before even starting to write your article, you should have your CTA defined, and it must be compelling enough for your readers to interact with the content. This is how you entwine your marketing goals with the content to yield better ROI. When defining CTA, put yourself in your reader’s shoes: what does it take for a company you hear about for the first time to convince you to do something, even something minor as sharing it on your social media? Now craft a CTA specific to your goals that will persuade your readers to take action. 

In your articles it is a good practice to hyperlink the external sources you use. This is how you demonstrate your good manners and this is something you would want other writers to do in return. However, in order to preserve your web traffic it is best that a hyperlink url will open in another window. In addition you guarantee the necessary amount of backlinks, as they are taken into account by a search engine when defining the importance of a webpage. 

Among other things, what Ben Givon would like to attract your attention to the use of active voice in your articles. Of course, there are times when it is appropriate to use passive voice, but stick to a tendency to write in active voice to keep the action. Look at the difference for yourself: “The boy was attacked by a wolf” or “A wolf attacked the boy”. It is clear that the second version sounds more impressive and exciting. 

The next tip by Ben Givon might seem obvious to you, but it is very important to note. Write grammatically correct content and get some other person to edit what you write.

It goes without saying that the way you start your articles affects drastically whether a reader will stay on the page and read on. Your website cannot be compared to a novel with an extensive intro, as if you invest too much time into preparing your reader and don’t get to the bottomline part of your article early enough, you might lose your readers before they get through the first paragraph. Your readers are here to find useful information and they won’t waste their time reading insubstantial text. If you won’t manage to start covering essential information in the first sentences your readers will go to your competitors’ website and find the information there. 

The next tip by Ben Givon might seem obvious to you, but it is very important to note. Write grammatically correct content and get some other person to edit what you write. You might use resources like Grammarly to make sure you don’t miss anything. It is always better if another content writer checks your articles. In case it is not an option as you are the only content writer in the company, check your articles the next day after you have written them. 

It is always a good idea to strive to learn more, therefore Ben Givon recommends upgrading your content writing game with programming skills. It means that you can learn basic HTML and CSS to edit content on the website manually. With the knowledge of these programming languages you can edit web pages without external help. Also you can add and edit content on WordPress. You will stop bugging your developers to make edits, and do them by yourself instead. It also means that there will be a better format for SEO, as you can add meta descriptions, use headers correctly according to the semantics of the programming language, and much more. 

Ben Givon points out: if you are patient enough with practice you will write excellent content. Having quality content on your webpage is a great way to attract traffic that will, with time transform into a loyal customer base. Keep your writing style concise, to the point and remember that you should bring clarity with the articles you write. 

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