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Learn How To Target Cold Audience With Ben Givon

Want to see more results for Facebook ads? Will your Facebook ads hit the right people in the consumer path at the right moment?

Throughout this Ben Givon’s article, you’ll learn how to build Facebook mid-purchase audiences cold targeting.

It is necessary to find out at which point of the marketing funnel your audience is? At the top of the funnel, we are going to start approaching cold audiences. Lookalikes are one of the best audiences which you can target at this point.

Learn How To Target Cold Audience With Ben Givon

A lookalike audience is just what it sounds like in its simplest form: you provide Facebook with an audience of your past customers and its mystical algorithm would identify people most similar in terms of your initial seed list ‘s interests, demographics, and sociographics.

Hop into Ads Manager to build a lookalike audience, and click the Audience choice.

When the Ads Manager Audiences section opens, press the Build Audience button and then choose Lookalike Audience from the drop-down menu.You can either pick an established source of data from here, or create a new source audience.

Many of the most successful lookalike customers you can build are based on clients that have in the past bought from you. If you have a CSV file which you can export from your Content Management System (CMS) then click Build New Source and then upload it.

Next, we need to choose how many lookalike audiences we want to build. Keep in mind that the greater the lookalike audience, the more imprecise it is. The explanation is that Facebook has less data points to fit with the initial seed audience, as they increase in size.

Once you build a lookalike audience, a reasonable rule of thumb is to have at least 1,000 emails in your initial seed audience list. The more data Facebook can provide, the better. If you have a 1% lookalike audience, it would be more important than a 1% or 2% lookalike audience. We’re going to use a 1%  lookalike audience for this example.

Once all the information about your lookalike has been filled in, press the Build Audience button. Ben Givon reminds us that it can take the lookalike audience up to 48 hours to spread.

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