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Instagram: Upload Content From Your Desktop

Finally, after many months and years, Instagram has made it official; as of October 21st, its 1.3 billion users can finally enjoy posting photos and videos from the Instagram desktop version. The news of this option will undoubtedly interest social media managers. The feature will provide a more centralized way of maintaining their Instagram presence.

The long-awaited option is something the Instagram developing team has been working on for a long time. Testing for desktop posting has been happening for some time now, with the first public test back in June. Ben Givon marketing is here to inform and explain the latest updates regarding the most important social media platforms. 

Instagram, Ben Givon Marketing

What Does it Mean?

This newly added option will allow users of all kinds to post photos and videos in under one minute. Unfortunately, it won’t include Reels and Story uploads in this stage of development. Nonetheless, it will make it a tiny bit easier for social media managers to keep an eye on things more efficiently and to stay across multiple apps and related posts. 

Before this feature sparred you the hassle of posting from multiple devices, thus making additional room for error, things were slightly different. For example, social media managers had to save images and other content in various ways just to post them from their phones. 

Instagram, Desktop Version

The Testing Process

Instagram heard your pleads to add the posting feature to their app’s desktop version for those who were wondering. They have been testing it, too. Ever since June, the initial public live testing began. The app capability test started with a small group of users. They had full access to the complete upload and posting suite. 

Now, after a couple of months of testing by a selection of users, the feature will be available to all users across the globe. All you will need to do now is select hand-picked visual content from your computer and add it to Instagram on your desktop. 

How Else Can You Post from Desktop?

An exciting thing Ben Givon has to point out, though, which many of you don’t know, is that this feature was available before. The trick is to use the device selector from the website’s Inspector mode. The next step is switching to to the mobile view version. This is how you could have utilized mobile functions on your desktop before this option was available.

The new option is here to improve this process and make it more user-friendly, making the app an official system with more integration. This will once again be a giant boost for social media managers who want to streamline their work plans. Graphics and visuals on your PC? Not a problem anymore!

Ben Givon, Instagram, PC, Phone


To summarize, Instagram has been improving its desktop functionality over the years. They added the option to look at live streams on desktop just last year to refresh your memory. Instagram’s dev team has also been working on improving the Stories viewing experience on PC. 

It is most likely that IG will continue to improve their desktop version and add more functionality, making it more accessible and user-friendly for social media managers and whoever needs to use the desktop version of their app. Stay up-to-date with the latest social media news, guides, and tips with Ben Givon’s marketing blog.

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