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Instagram Adds IGTV To Video Feed Posts, Making a Single Format

Weeks ago, Instagram made it official; a new change was flagged by the chief himself, Adam Mosseri. The merging of the longer-form IGTV into a feature called Instagram video is happening now, and it comes with a promise of a more sleek IG experience. 

Feed videos plus IGTV equals the new “Instagram video.” Instagram explains the new additional Video tab, where the combination of these formats will be, along with the live option, which promises an easier cross-platform discovery. The new icon is next to the Reels tab on your profile.

Yes, we know change can be hard, especially if you enjoy the app just the way it is. Ben Givon Marketing explores this new feature, making it easier for users to understand the newly implemented changes and use them properly. The article below depicts the significance of this recent feature change. 

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How Does it Look and What Does It Mean?

The video tab with a simple play button symbol will now show all of your video uploads in one place. General Instagram video with IGTV in the mix will give users new playback functionality. One of these features is the ability to tap anywhere on the video to get to full-screen mode. Users also get to scroll through, to discover new videos from creators that they might like.

The good news doesn’t stop there, though! Additionally, new filters and trimming tools are added, and you can access them whenever you choose to upload new video clips. Location tagging is now a thing, too, which was previously not available to IGTV. 

The Posting Process and In-Feed Previews

Do not worry! The posting process remains the same. The thing that changes is the in-feed preview of the newly uploaded videos. Instagram is giving us a whopping 60-second preview compared to the previous 15 seconds. If the video is made for ads, the preview will keep its original, 15-second preview. 

All of this suggests that viewers of your content will be able to get more without the repetitive tapping through. Maximizing engagement and generating more interest is guaranteed with in-stream previews. 

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Video Metrics Update

If you belong to the bunch that tries to make the most of their IG videos, some new video metric updates await! Feed post and video insights are new, and both businesses and creators can benefit from them. 

It might not be a thing to look forward to if you’re trying to boost certain content elements, but it will surely give a wider look into overall stats. IGTV, for example, had separated data performance, which makes this addition super convenient. 

Video Ads Get a New Name

Last but certainly not least, Instagram is announcing a name change of their video ads. IGTV Ads are now Instagram In-Stream video ads. Long-form content is still valid for monetization, brands and creators included. Businesses trying to boost video content by reaching more people should opt for videos no longer than 60 seconds.

These app tweaks are essential for content creating process and will benefit practicality in many aspects. As for the Reels feature, everything remains the same. 

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Finally, this whole shebang is part of Instagram’s effort to simplify the app, which became more complicated with each update. Just to jog your memory, introducing Stories, IGTV, Reels, and a variety of other novice elements.

What was once a simple image-sharing app is now a complex and unique platform used across the world. Its evolution is truly admirable, although recently, the app turned some users away by being overly complicated. Here’s to hoping these modifications will make the app even more user-friendly and accessible for both creators and businesses.

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