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How To Set Instagram Stickers For Gift Cards. Ben Givon’s Complete Guide For You!

Want to make an offer of Instagram gift cards? Wondering how to set up and use gift card stickers for Instagram stories? In this article, you’ll find out how Instagram can sell gift cards.

Instagram has made it easier for businesses to sell directly to their audience (and for customers to do business with their favorite stores) through either an action button on their business profile or two new story stickers for gift cards and food orders.

When your Instagram story post goes live with a gift card or food order sticker, viewers may tap on the sticker to complete the order. The process will guide them through their own story to a screen with the option of ordering or adding a sticker.

While this may seem like a needless step in the process, Instagram is likely pushing for more use of these stickers and raising awareness of the option to use them.

If people choose to order, they are taken to the company’s third-party site to complete the transaction. Users can complete their transaction once in the app or on the site by selecting the items or options

To offer this feature to Instagram users, companies will need to select one of Instagram’s third-party tools as options (including Kabbage, LoyLap, Raise, Square, Toast, and Yiftee) and follow the partner’s website setup instructions.

Now we’re going to look at how you can use the Gift Card sticker in your own stories and add similar call-to-action buttons to your profile.

Ben Givon’s complete guide:

Add a button to your Instagram profile for gift card action

In addition to the options to add the gift card or food order stickers to your stories, Instagram also offers the option to add the same action buttons to your business profile.

To add one of those action buttons to your profile, tap your Instagram business profile on the Edit Profile button. From there, select the Action Buttons option, and select the Gift Cards or Food Order option on the next screen. As with the sticker option, add the URL of your partner site to the button and save the modifications. The button will appear immediately on your audience profile

Add Instagram Story Gift Card Stickers

The new stickers have rolled out to the United States and Canada, with plans for a global rollout in the weeks ahead. As with many stickers in the Instagram story, if you don’t see them, try restarting your Instagram app and making sure you have the latest updates. If you don’t get the stickers yet, you’ll have to be patient and wait until your account gets the rollout.

Start by designing your Instagram story post as you would normally use one of these stickers: with the photo, video, text, and doodles you wish to use. Then tap on the sticker icon to access stickers for the gift card and food order. Both stickers have the same options for general setup.

Input the URL for the partner link after selecting which partner to use for the sticker integration. This is the link which will be the sticker’s destination — whether it’s buying a gift card or starting an online food order. You can use your chosen third-party tool to access this URL from your account. You might need to go to a web version of the tool’s website instead of your mobile app to access it.

Once the information about the link is entered, the sticker option will pop up on your story. Complete the process in sticker format by selecting a sticker color option. Tap on the colored circle at the top of the screen to do this. Tap Done to add it to your story when you’re happy with the sticker design. Once you have the sticker on your story, you can pinch it to resize or drag it to reposition.

Ben Givon’s advanced tip:

Because you can’t track the number of taps on a sticker at the moment, consider offering the sticker a coupon code. Offering a 10 percent discount, or free dessert or delivery with an exclusive coupon code would allow you to more accurately track conversions. List the coupon code with the sticker at the story post.

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