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Grow Your Business Using YouTube by Ben Givon

Are you still considering using YouTube to the advantage of your business? Most likely you gave YouTube a try and it yielded no results. In this article Ben Givon will speak about ways to grow your business organically using YouTube. 

Among many reasons why one should resort to using YouTube to one’s advantage, Ben Givon emphasizes these two. One of the key reasons is SEO benefits. YouTube, as it is, can help you reach your target audience, in addition to the power of giving your website an SEO boost. Let’s say that you have a well-performing YouTube video with embedded keywords. If you include this video to a blog post that uses similar keywords, the potential of exposure to the right audience increases for the both pieces of content. In addition, by means of including a video into your blog post, you also can increase time on site. The combination of written content and video content is powerful. 

Another important reason to use YouTube videos is the longevity of the content. As a rule for most social media platforms the lifespan of content is short, unlike YouTube where your content can be engaged with for several years. It might happen that your video content doesn’t perform well today, although it might blast in a couple of years. It is possible that someone can discover your brand through your five-year-old YouTube content. 

YouTube is a content machine. They want their users to stay on the platform, therefore they constantly suggest more and more videos to watch. If your video falls under the category of suggested content, you might be able to reach an audience you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Ben Givon dares to say that YouTube can be useful for almost every kind of business. For example a marketer from Florida found out a way to implement YouTube for her business. She answered marketing related questions on her channel, like “What is CPA?” or “What is PPC?” With time she became a marketing guru, who helped hundred of beginning marketers to understand the business better. Her channel grew together with her brand. She was able to rank for “Marketing professional in Miami, Florida” as she leveraged the SEO benefit. 

When you intend to sell your business on YouTube, the process is the same as with any other social media network.

At this stage Ben Givon is here to introduce you to the most common mistakes marketers make on YouTube, be ready. The main task of YouTube’s algorithm is to match the right viewer with the right content. Be aware that YouTube won’t permit constant redirections from your YouTube channel to the third party websites. Keep in mind that YouTube is a business and they have billions of advertisers whose requirements YouTube should attend to. If you constantly encourage your audience to follow links not related to the platform, YouTube will minimize your reach and you won’t have decent exposure. 

When you intend to sell your business on YouTube, the process is the same as with any other social media network. For example, if you constantly ask people to buy your products on instagram the result might be discouraging. Trying to sell your products or services in a soft manner might be a much better solution. More than 70% of the time your YouTube content should be valuable where you share knowledge with your audience. The other 30% of the time, you can ask your audience for something. These 70% of the content will not encourage people to buy your products or services, but it will contribute to the time they spend on YouTube. Your video content will become more popular and the other 30% will have a better chance of being seen. You will appear favourable to YouTube analytics, if you hard-sell only in 30% of your content. 

As marketers we know the importance of a good CTA, make sure you include in all your YouTube videos. When it comes to that 70%, ask your audience to like, comment or subscribe, although in the other 30% ask them to follow the link in the bio, etc. With these recommendations by Ben Givon, you should see the results very soon, so keep your head up!

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