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Ben Givon clarifies: Does live chat really work for marketing?

Look, let’s be real here for a moment. Your leads experience scores, hundreds, thousands of marketing attempts every single day. They see them on billboards, on passing vehicles, on social media, on television, on the radio and on their Email accounts. So can your live chat even penetrate this din? Ben Givon knows the answer!

Context, friends, context. When a potential client is watching the tube, o YouTube for that matter, his mind is not on getting the right type of software for their business or the best travel agency for their vacation. They are unwinding from the day, focusing on their significant other, stuffing themselves with lunch or just killing time. But if, when they are browsing for a certain type of product, a chat box pops up suggesting a service/ product to select – and offering them reasons why this is exactly what they need – then that happens within their expected contextual envelope. They are receptive to the message, and are far more likely to be driven into the action you desire, closing on the purchase, then if they were to meander past a random billboard during the morning rush hour.

Live chat is the epitome of contextual marketing: You invite potential customers to hold a dialogue with you, on your homesite, precisely when they are considering a purchase of a type of product that you happen to be selling.

Does it make a difference? Damn, right it does. An 82% difference to be exact – that’s how much more likely those who choose to chat are to make a purchase. Grab them by the chat box – their hearts and minds will follow.  

So what can you do to make the chat a more effective tool? 

There are 2 steps action from Ben Givon.

First of all, integrate your sales live chat platform with your marketing live chat platform for a seamless customer experience. You don’t have a marketing live chat platform? Then get one! A properly used live chat platform can generate and nurture leads down the sales funnel, not just close a purchase.

Second, make sure the customer experience on the chat is customized and triggered based on user choices and search history.

For example, say you publish a blog post about the internet of things and how it can be applied to optimize the operations of small to medium businesses. Chances are that anyone who reads that blog post is interested in driving more revenue through technological innovation in his businesses. He would, therefore, be interested in purchasing books on the subject – or, conversely, in purchasing Internet of Things technologies or Software as a Service apps. 

So showing such a live chat popup while he is browsing the blog article is a far more effective marketing technique than, say, cold sending and email messages about our great new SaaS app to random people – or even to this particular reader after he has already read the blog. Getting his attention while he is reading the blog and already thinking on new technological purchases to improve his business is the way to go. And that, friends, is how live chat can work for you in marketing.  

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