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Ben Givon’s TikTok Complete Guide Part 2 How To Measure And Set Up A Marketing Campaign

We’ve already talked about some of the important steps in order to achieve your TikTok marketing plan if you missed it go to Ben Givon’s TikTok Complete Guide Part 1

Let’s continue… 

The next important step according to Ben Givon’s guide is to set up and run your TikTok Influencer Campaign with partners of your choice.

Once you have found an influencer with whom you would like to collaborate, you can create a shortlist and bookmark their profile within this group.

Next, click on the New Campaign button to set the framework for the campaign itself.

From here, you are required to add the details of your brand and a campaign outline including the goal of the campaign, dates and a custom message to send to creators. You can even add a custom file to display a full summary of the campaign.

To streamline the onboarding process, you can use one of TikTok’s templates to outline a custom message for your campaign outreach.

Select influencers from your saved lists on the right-hand section of the page after you build the campaign framework.

Once you have finalized your campaign details and added a complete list of the creators with whom you wish to partner, you can submit your campaign. The shortlisted creators will receive your invitation to campaign at this point, and can choose to accept the partnership.

The next step is to measure how your TikTok influencer campaign performs.

If you’ve discovered a smaller TikTok influencer you ‘d like to partner with, but they’re not yet featured in the Creator Marketplace, it can be hard to gather any insights into their account ‘s performance.

As influencer marketing gets more data-driven, understanding an influencer ‘s account metrics will help determine your overall campaign success. A third-party tool like Pentos will help you track and measure any TikTok profile ‘s performance, as well as individual videos, hashtags and songs.

Measure how influencer profiles perform

After a campaign is launched, you rely on Pentos to aggregate insights from the profile of a creator, their videos, and any related music or hashtags associated with the campaign.

You can start recording data on core account metrics after adding any TikTok handle into your Pentos dashboard.


With Instagram’s average engagement rate overtaking TikTok, brands are beginning to prioritize the platform as a valuable tool for building their own audience.

While brands find success in publishing the platform’s native content, they have also found value in partnerships with popular creators to leverage their audiences.

There’s no denying that TikTok is here to stay so if your brand is working with influencers, starting to diversify your strategy to include TikTok is more important than ever. With unprecedented reach, TikTok can be a powerful way not only through its new eCommerce features to drive engagement for your business but also to convert users into customers.

That’s it! Now, you can easily start sourcing suitable influencers for your brand using all of the tools mentioned in this Ben Givon’s guide and then properly attribute the performance of those campaigns.

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