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Ben Givon’s TikTok Complete Guide Part 1 How To Measure And Set Up A Marketing Campaign

Would you like to get your product in front of a growing TikTok audience? Wondering how to partner with influential TikTok creators?

In this Ben Givon’s guide, you’ll find tips and tools for setting up and analyzing a marketing campaign for influencer TikTok.

How do TikTok campaigns work?

While still in its infancy, TikTok is ripe for companies interested in partnership with influencers. You can easily source suitable influencer partnerships to promote sponsored content with tools like the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

Although content on TikTok has the potential to reach millions of users, compared to platforms like Instagram or Facebook, the dynamic of building a successful influencer campaign requires a higher level of strategic planning.

The aim of a sponsored partnership on TikTok is to partner with one influencer, then drive more engagement from the creator’s community as a whole. Influencer posts from TikTok will often promote a product while encouraging the rest of the community to join the experience.

When an influencer ‘s audience actively participates in a challenge being promoted, they too become part of the influencer campaign, promoting this content to their own audiences. No other platform has the framework for creating viral engagement as does TikTok.

Now we are going to look at how we can set up an influencer campaign for TikTok.

Choose a type of TikTok campaign influencer

Before your business starts to buy TikTok influencer partnerships, understanding the different TikTok campaigns you can create through these collaborations is important:

Certain of TikTok’s most popular videos are user-generated challenges. TikTok challenges are a quick way to gain viral traction, as millions of users are actively involved in recreating an original video.

When an influencer creates a branded challenge, a dedicated hashtag should be included which allows users to label and follow each submission. TikTok displays on the Discover page a list of trending hashtags so that these challenges are promoted organically within the community.

Dance routines are structured, similar to the hashtag challenges, to be recreated by each user. These posts are powered by a consistent theme song with a catchy rhythm or hook.

The next kind is Duets. Duets encourage any TikTok user to collaborate directly with an existing post by creating a side by side video containing an original piece of content. You can think of these videos like reactions on YouTube, only they can be used creatively in all sorts of ways.

It is important, as with all influencer marketing campaigns, to work closely with creators to create a content strategy that is consistent with their existing profile. When the content of a TikTok influencer resonates with its audience, the post often leads to higher rates of engagement.

To identify possible influencer partners, use TikTok’s Creator Marketplace

Once you’ve developed an initial content strategy for your branded TikTok influencer campaign, it’s time to start looking to partner with suitable influencers.

Now available in early access with TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, you can seamlessly search for and collaborate with appropriate influencers for your business. You can request access to the platform if you are interested in sourcing influencers for a campaign.

Once access to the marketplace is granted, it’s time to start searching through the catalog of potential TikTok creators. You can uncover data about a creator’s profile and their audience demographics using the available search filters.

There are myriad filters when starting your search to help you find the most appropriate creator for your needs.

Once you have created an initial search using the available filters, a list of creators that meet your selected criteria will be displayed at the marketplace.

Each creator tile will at first glance display a view of their top-line metrics, including their country, reach, average views, and gender breakdown of the audience.

When you click on the profile of an individual creator, you will see a complete dashboard of their core metrics, enabling you to glean more insights from their performance data. It is important to note that these metrics are an average of the last 30 videos the creator has made.

Below these core metrics the profile of the creator displays a grid of sample videos from their latest uploads. You can filter those videos to show any previous sponsored videos published by the creator. This allows you, as a business, to review the quality of those sponsored videos. Subscribe on Ben Givon’s newsletters, keep in the loop, and don’t miss Ben Givon’s TikTok Complete Guide Part 2.

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