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How you can still get thousands of visitors from Reddit – 4 steps by Ben Givon

Redditors and Reddit are not fond of over the top marketing techniques. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still boost traffic to your site from Reddit. Below are Ben Givon’s 4 simple steps to channel those Redditors into your site:

Keep it real. Keep it relevant.

Redditors are an ornery bunch and are quick to call you out on your BS. If you want the traffic, then you need to keep the content super relevant to the Reddit crowd. That means specialization – adapt each post to the subreddit you are addressing. Trying to address an over-broad audience is a surefire way to generate low interest and low traffic.

So that means you need to put your thinking cap on, and dig into the various subreddits. Try to get an idea of who your audience are and what they like – that will give you the tools to adapt your posts to their preferences.

To paraphrase what your mama taught you: If you can’t post content that is better than mediocre than it’s best not to post anything at all.

Mediocre, generic blather and buzzwords won’t perform well at all on Reddit. Worse, it will burn away any rep points you have managed to accumulate. Stick to in-depth, superbly written, useful content that gets people to step up and take action. Any action.   

Don’t be too quick to double down on a big win.

Does it look like you struck the motherlode in this or that subreddit? Getting hundreds of upvotes on one of your posts? See a matching spike on your site traffic? Well, the natural urge is to double dip and post something else. Right here, right now! Wrong move, bucko. Take a cold shower, and post something somewhere else. How long? 2-3 weeks is about right. Don’t worry – Redditors are a loyal bunch – if you wow them they will be sure to check out your next post and follow the trail of breadcrumbs you oh so cunningly (well, you better be cunning about it) leave them back to your site. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll do fine.

Method acting, not market acting.

“To get Reddit traffic you need to become a Redditor. Have fun with what you post and make sure the content is fun for the other redditors. Yes, that’s right, the other redditors. Unless you get the “one of us! One of us!” vibes then you are wasting your time. Go pay for content on Facebook or something instead.” – Ben Givon.

Juice up your karma points by commenting on other people’s posts. This really doesn’t take all that long. You have real, genuine, real-life interests, right? Then post them and comment on them. 20 minutes a week, tops, and you will require the protective coloring your require to get the job done. 

But… unless you don’t treat it as a job, unless you view it as good fun, then you won’t get the job done. Also, keep in mind that actually having fun and interacting with people on the subreddits relevant to your site will do more to help you get you in tune with the feel of popular posts than any amount of research.

Moral of the tale: have fun to get the job done.

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