Ben Givon’s LinkedIn Guide for the Beginners
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Ben Givon’s LinkedIn Guide for the Beginners

Want to enrich your audience on social networks? Want to advertise your business on media platforms other than Facebook? 

LinkedIn is a professional business social network that enables its users to make business connections and professional connections between colleagues and work and users and professionals from all over the world.

Ahead of you is the complete and easy-to-use guide to advertising on LinkedIn! 

With Ben Givon’s guide, you can find out how to use LinkedIn to reach targeted and relevant groups. This platform has been around for several years but has gained momentum in the last year. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Ben Givon’s LinkedIn Guide for the Beginners

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network where every user can upload photos, videos and content to their personal profile, but the main purpose of the network is professional, which means that unlike Facebook where most activity is social (pictures from social life etc.) on LinkedIn, the connections, content are very clear: Creating strategic opportunities and enriching the professional niche.

In short, who is LinkedIn linked to?

LinkedIn is for anyone who wants to upgrade their business capabilities or alternatively find high-tech work.

This platform is suitable for employers, professionals, job seekers, young entrepreneurs, students, high-tech workers and more. You can say that the network is great for job seekers, employers, influential people, and those who want to enrich their knowledge and connections in the business and niche world, for future or current purposes.

Business relationships are especially important in the short and long term of your career growth. Building a professional niche network of relationships can boost your career with exposure to professional material, interesting suggestions, and collaborations that are all built amazingly and naturally on your mobile phone or personal computer via LinkedIn. The more focused and relevant your connections are, the more potential benefits you have on this network. 

Professional knowledge

LinkedIn is a crazy, rich and creative source of information that can bounce and contribute a lot to your professional knowledge, which means that the more relevant and high-quality your network of connections will be, expose you to the most appropriate science, learn and participate in professional discussions.

In addition, you can join designated groups that deal with a particular professional and whose members are professionals from the field, by joining one of these groups (more than 2 million groups) you will be exposed to highly relevant and quality professional material.

How to open an account?

To start enjoying the many benefits of LinkedIn, a professional LinkedIn profile should be opened, one that will best reflect your field of expertise and help you attract relevant and useful quality relationships. LinkedIn is a very uncomplicated platform. Yes, it’s free but there are also premium packages. Most of the public has enough free options and through them most things can be done.

Think of your profile as a resume, where your skills will be presented, your colleagues’ recommendations, articles you have written, and the employment experience you have accumulated.

Can I look for a job? Yes, you can!

If you are looking for a LinkedIn job, your personal profile should look as professional as possible and rich in your experience, a profile that will attract employers on the one hand, but at the same time allow the LinkedIn algorithm to offer you the most suitable employment options.

Linkedin job search is done through Linkedin jobs, and may be based on your capabilities, location, or shared relationships. You can submit a resume through Apply with LinkedIn, a function that allows you to express interest in the job and invite employers to take a look at your personal profile. This way you can know who has been looking at your profile and the link will even alert if the employer has seen your profile. Usually, if there is interest from the employer, it will contact you to continue the process through notice.

How to add links on Linkedin?

Adding links on LinkedIn is extremely simple but important to do it professionally, personally and efficiently. Colleagues and people who can match the profile you are looking for and send a contact request message and it is important to send a targeted personal message explaining why you want to be in touch with the relevant person.

What Is Linkedin Article Posts And How To Use It?

Like Facebook, articles, videos, pictures or even thoughts can easily be shared on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn most posts are about professional content. Get ready to see more statistics, explanatory videos, lectures and professional articles.

What are Linkedin Groups? 

You can join a group based on your area of interest or your professional field, and get to know and learn from thousands who are in the same niche in the world. Joining groups requires approval from the group administrator, so it is important that your profile is tailored and truly reflects your affiliation and suitability to the group you wish to join.

Proper use of LinkedIn links can boost your career with new professional material, world-wide business relationships and ideas and ventures that are wonderfully created in such groups.

As Ben Givon said, it is important for your profile to be professional and engaging, but one that will reliably and transparently reflect who you are and what you are. Lots of employers are scanning potential candidates on a daily basis so try to imagine your profile as an upgraded and colorful resume. Lots of job applicants who want to prepare themselves for the next career step are upgrading their resumes and opening / upgrading their LinkedIn. 

A strong combination of an impressive and relevant LinkedIn profile and professional resume is the real and valuable key to entering the next step in your career. So come on, what are you waiting for!?

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