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Ben Givon’s 3 Quick Ways To Scale Facebook Ads

Would you like to optimize the performance of your top-performing Facebook ads? Looking for ways to get more leads or sales out of your current Facebook ad campaigns?

In this article, Ben Givon talks about tree horizontal and vertical ad-scaling strategies for Facebook advertising. Ready to go? 

To scale up your Facebook ads, consider adding new ad sets to your campaign while you raise your ad budget. This method is known as horizontal scaling and includes studying new markets using Facebook User Insights.

With horizontal scaling, you ‘re-spreading research through different ad sets, demographics, and ad designers. Any of the following horizontal scaling techniques can be effective ways to expand and scale your Facebook campaigns.


1. Increase the size of the Facebook audience

A Facebook-like audience is likely to be filled with prospects that are similar to your best existing customers. When you build a look like that, you choose a source audience that is a custom audience built using data from your Facebook pixel. Facebook then identifies the common quality of people in your source audience and lets you deliver an ad to people who are like them.

You can choose the size of your audience — the smaller the audience, the closer it is to your source audience. Although a higher-percentage presence can increase your potential reach, the audience may be less compared to your source audience.

2. Increase the geographical range of the target market

The type of business you run can determine the size of your target audience with your Facebook ads. For example, if your customers are located in a specific area, you may start by targeting your ads to that location.

But if you’re looking for a way to scale up your Facebook campaigns, consider increasing the geographic area you ‘re targeting.

Whether you can do this may depend on the product you are selling and the distribution system that you have in place to fulfill your orders. However, if you identify other markets and regions to sell and see the traction of these campaigns, you ‘re well on your way to attracting new customers. When the goods you ‘re selling can be delivered worldwide, it’s worth checking the advertisements at different locations.

When you change the target location of your ad campaigns, you may need to make a few changes to your advertising, particularly if they apply to a specific place. Keep your ad spending a little while targeting a new location with your ads.

3. Check out the possibility of increasing your budget

It’s advisable to increase your ad every 3–5 days early, particularly if you’re starting to see good returns from a collection of advertising. This form of scaling is referred to as vertical scaling.

The most obvious way to scale up your Facebook campaigns is to increase your budget. If you’re just starting out and you’re not in a position to make a drastic increase in your budget, increasing your ad spending on an ongoing basis instead. With this approach, you will not only start learning how Facebook ads work, but also give Facebook time to adjust to your increased ad spending.

A safe way to see if your ad spending gives you the results you need is to keep a close eye on your ad spending (ROAS) return. If you spend $50 a day on ads, and those ads lead to $300 a day in sales, you have a ROAS of 6.0, so you know your ads are working.

When you see these results, you might think that if you keep increasing your advertisement spending, your profits will continue to increase. This is where some caution can be required. Sometimes, when you start growing your ad spending, your ROAS ends up being the same thing. So it is important to pay attention to this.

Of course, if you still see a profit or a positive ROAS, you might want to keep that particular ad set running. It’s important to keep an eye on your campaign to ensure that your ads remain effective and that you can make small changes if necessary.

In summary, brands and businesses of all sizes depend on Facebook advertising to reach out to new consumers, build prospects, increase brand awareness, and eventually expand. If you can get your ad campaigns right, you ‘re going to unlock a powerful way to grow your business.

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