Ben Givon: Why You Shouldn't Buy An Email List
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Ben Givon: Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Email List

Ever thought of buying a ready-made email list? Have you ever thought that such a purchase would contribute to the success of your business? Is it worth buying an email list? All the answers to these questions in one article. Let’s start!

Buying email lists may seem like a quick way to promote your business, but it’s actually a waste of money.

An email ready list includes a list of names, email addresses, and other important data and you can find these lists for sale. It may be an appealing solution but in fact, it is not. 

The truth is, buying email lists is a bad long-term shortcut and can prove to be a mistake and a huge waste of money. In this guide, Ben Givon gathered a few important reasons why you shouldn’t buy an email list.

1. The quality and reliability of the list.

Sometimes the information provided from these lists is unreliable and inaccurate and should be noted. Often essential information is missing. In addition, the information in the list may not be relevant. That is, the email address no longer exists or the person behind the address is not interested in your content.

2. The content you provide doesn’t match the people on the list.

there are many cases where the people on the email list are not at all interested in the content you provide so it is important to match the content to people who are likely to be interested in it.

3. Other businesses may purchase the same list you purchased

Because this is a list of emails for sale, there may be more buyers for the same list. This creates a situation where the email in the list also appears in other businesses and may receive advertising from them too, so that person may receive thousands of mailbox advertisements and probably won’t open them all. Therefore, using a purchased email list is not always worthwhile.

4. Customers will rely less on your business

Successful Business is a business that has an effective advertising and marketing strategy that is usually based on trust. Online sales are even more based on trust. If your business has a successful and positive advertising, you should not use an email list as it may hurt your customers’ trust in your business.

5. Using an email list can get your business in trouble

When messages from your business are often marked as spam, it can affect your business and even get you in legal trouble like closing your account or other significant steps against you for example, email service provider may even take legal action against you.

In summary, you can see that there are many reasons why you should not purchase an email list. It is important to note that buying an email list may damage your reputation and reputation is crucial online! So, think carefully before purchasing such a list.

 So, you made the decision not to buy an email list. What now?

The smartest step you can take is to create your own list. First, you need to build a website that will attract as many people as possible. This will provide your customers with quality content without asking for anything in return. This way you will build trust between you and the potential customer and you will be able to sell your content to the same customer more easily later.

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