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Ben Givon figures it out: Why even consider TikTok in the first place?

TikTok is also one of the most popular apps in the world. So why even consider TikTok in the first place? Ben Givon figures it out. It is no wonder that the NBA, for example, runs basketball highlights on TikTok, much as it does on ESPN – they know where their fans hang out. In fact, quite a few NBA teams maintain their own specific accounts.

TikTok is not like other social media networks. For one thing, it launched in China and only then spread to the West, rather than the other way around. That means its audience is far more international and diverse. It is also for younger, with the majority of users being under thirty  – which may, of course, be exactly what you or your business need. 

The Chicago Bulls, for example, do not just have an account for the team and every player, but even for “Benny the Bull”, their mascot. In fact, Benny has a greater number of followers on TikTok than he does on Instagram.

Why even consider TikTok in the first place?

Does that mean you should rush to create your own account and post TikTok videos? Not necessarily. 

Ben Givon recommends to use TikTok:


  • Your customer base is mostly under 35.
  • You have products that are visually attractive and interactive – in other words, if you can make fun videos out of them.
  • If you create artistic content such as music.
  • You are catering to the “in”, “hip”, “cool-casual” crowd.
  • If you have the social media team and resources to maintain yet another marketing channel.

So, if your business fits the bill, what should you do?

Step number one is installing TikTok on your own mobile device.

TikTok is special in that it automatically enables you to download and share other user’s videos- and they can do the same with yours. This is, of course, a great boon to marketers as this means that if you post a hilarious, useful or insightful video it may well go viral – free marketing!

Down bellow Ben Givon’s guide of using TikTok.

Once you download the app, create your account. TikTok’s AI will then begin surfacing videos on the For You screen, your default screen on your first log on. The more time you spend on TikTok the more individually customized these suggestions will be. 

The upload screen gives you the choice between creating a 60 second or a 15 second video. Since the app is on your mobile, you can shoot a video spontaneously and then immediately post it – or else you can upload it from an earlier, more careful recording. TikTok can further modify your message by adding a variety of special effects. The app also allows you to speed or slow the video, as well as trim it, add filters, transitions and carry out any number of other adjustments. 

Among other options, you will be able to layer sound, such as a narration of the scene, or catchy music, on top of the video. In fact, TikTok’s library offers a myriad of sound layering options. Sound isn’t the only thing you can layer onto your video – you can layer text on as well.

Is the video ready? Then it’s time to share – just add a caption and any hashtags you think might direct your video at the right audience and finetune your sharing settings. Then press “share” and you’re good to go!

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