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Ben Givon Teaches: How to Force Users to Meet with Your Instagram

Want more people on Instagram to get to know you? Looking for ideas to extend your scope with Instagram?

In this post, Ben Givon shares with you three ways to meet a wider audience on Instagram

1. Bring a Guest on Your Instagram Live Video to Reach Their Audience

Instagram Live video gives you the opportunity to show your followers a more honest and personal view of your life, and to chat about things that happen in real time. Will you have a launch coming soon? A New Cooperation? An opportunity to fundraise? Instagram Live is the ultimate chat site.

To make the Instagram Live video in front of a broader audience, suggest asking others to join you and add their perspective. You might interview a think-tank chief, influencer, or even someone in your industry from another company. Look for a guest whose audience and values are compatible with yours, and who can give your viewers interest.

Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the top-left corner, when you’re ready to start your live stream. Scroll through the choices at the bottom on the camera panel, and press Live.

Tap the smiling faces icon when you’re live on Instagram to invite your guest to visit. Your live video will show you both on a split screen, until they agree.

When you’re just starting out with live video, don’t worry about no professional or technological snafus tone. Live video is organic and authentic. It’s about revealing your true self so that you can talk to your followers. If you accidentally trip over your words or your shot backdrop isn’t flawless, it’s okay.

Remember, your talk about Instagram Live will always bring value to the lives of your followers. Particularly if you are selling a product or service, frame it as the solution to the issue facing your audience.

Ben Givon explains Instagram live

2. Run a Shareworthy Instagram or Giveaway contest

Another way to get your company more exposure is to reflect on what you can contribute to the community. The foundation of your company is your employees and consumers so how can you better serve them?

Today’s customers want companies to think about individuals, the planet and humanity. And maybe you should host a fundraiser for an individual that cares about your Instagram followers, or create a philanthropic project that resonates with them.

Another alternative is to open an Instagram contest and have a worthy recipient of your award nominated by your fans. Ask them to record a video explaining why they nominate this person, and how they’d benefit from the award. You may also ask each applicant to say your tagline in the video, and use it in your ads as user-generated content.

A contest such as this not only gives back and encourages others but also creates trust and gratitude among your Instagram followers. Plus, the followers are more likely to share their mates with a feel-good contest.

Ben Givon Giveaway contest

3. Offer Lead Generators for Retargeting Audiences

Your Customer and Leads database is your contact network. On Instagram, you may have thousands of followers-on connections. Consider providing a lead magnet to help you get these followers into your database, and create retargeting audiences.

Your lead magnet should be something useful to your prospects like a free guide or a checklist specific to the needs of your niche. Think of the difficulties or challenges faced by your prospects or clients and how you can help solve or resolve those problems.

Capture the user’s email address in exchange for the download and you can continue the conversation and take the prospect on a journey with your company. This opt-in means that you have the permission of the prospective client to send future communications to them.

Instagram is a perfect forum for promoting a lead magnet while having a direct chat with the followers to learn about their pain points. Instagram requires one link to be used in your bio and you can connect to your lead magnet or even the landing page of your newsletter.

You will start building a partnership with your customers by providing useful and relevant content through free downloads and updates, where they can learn more about you and your message and appreciate the value your company can bring. Basically, you ‘re solving a problem that ignites their curiosity and eventually leads them to become customers.

I hope you will find that article helpful if so, keep in the loop with Ben Givon’s updates.

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