Ben Givon about storytelling
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Ben Givon: Storytelling For Marketers

Talking about the main advantages of storytelling, it helps you to engage with your customers, to break the ice and build a friendly relationship. 

Additionally, it gives you to set a deeper quality connection with the audience.   

Storytelling is the art

Like any process of art creation, it requires creativity, imagination, and practice. It has to become a day to day habit if you want to succeed. Yes, it’s requesting plenty of work and patience, because storytelling is transforming into a crucial component of every campaign. 

Storytelling force you to study more about the world we live in. Marketers should always discover new horizons and perspectives of the brands they represent. 

Story can be a kind of token-money in order to exchange it on your customer’s time. Also, it gives your consumer a new point of view on your product and the people behind it.

Stories are better remembered

According to our personal life experience, we remember better products or brands which has a strong association with a story.

Stories inspire and motivate

It’s all about people, stories make us human and as a consequence make our brands or service or product more humane. Stories also foster brand loyalty.

How to make a story

There are some components of every story that you haven’t avoid:

  1. Think about a character – it will be the key or a bridge between you and the audience. Your goal as the storyteller to force your audience to put themselves in your character’s shoes. If it so, they’ll be likely to engage with your call-to-action.
  2. Think about conflict. It makes an emotional connection with the audience. If there’s no conflict in your story, it’s likely not a story.
  3. Resolution. Your story conclusion should wrap up the story and leave your audience with a call-to-action.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand. Stories gather people together and inspire action and response. Also, today’s consumer decides to buy based mostly on why you’re selling it.

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