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Ben Givon on How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online marketing programs compared to other online businesses. There is a very low risk and you only pay after the results to your affiliate partners for each lead that was generated. Another name for affiliate marketing is partnership marketing because to sell your products or services you have to cooperate with others. 

You can find on the Internet huge variety of affiliate programs and it’s important to make yours stand out. See the guide by Ben Givon on how to create a successful affiliate marketing campaign. 

Find your niche 

Don’t try to sell everything to everyone it will lead you to the fail. Make your niche market research, find websites that have visitors interested in the same niche market. The goal is to get partners that have stable traffic and they will benefit from your affiliate offer too. 

Finding Quality Affiliates

That may be the most difficult part to find good quality affiliates. You have to know, they will only promote the product that that trust. It’s all about building a relationship.

Provide affiliate marketers with promotional materials

If you want them to promote your products in the best possible way give them all the information they need to know. And don’t forget to communicate with them, by sending updates about the product or by giving them tips on how to be successful in marketing your products.


When building a program, you must get technology that will track affiliate sales correctly, and easy to use. 

Time Investment

You need to invest time into your program to get it set up, recruit affiliates and then provide ongoing affiliate management.

Don’t give up!

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