Ben Givon marketing skills 2
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Ben Givon: Marketing Skills List (part 2)

In the first part, we’ve talked already about 5 crucial marketing skills. Let’s continue the list with Ben Givon: marketing skills (part 1).


Technology abilities are crucial for your success. From using project management software to monitor the development of the campaign to using analytic programs to measure the achievement of social media campaigns, it is essential that you are able to use complicated tools.

Learn which tech tools are used by highly successful professionals in your area. Comfort with technology necessitates ongoing learning to keep current with any new developments.


Reading analytic reports is an integral skill for the ideal direction for advertising campaigns. This can be an increasingly practical ability in today’s marketing world where it’s never been easier to acquire in-depth breakdowns of reaction to previous campaigns, what your target customer resembles, and how videos or posts are doing. Tools such as the Facebook Pixel permit for exceptionally detailed understandings of possible clients across a near-limitless variety of categories, and also the ability to discover relevant data in that information and apply it places a marketing specialist to excel.

Video content

Video advertising is a significant part of any online marketing campaign. Along with video platforms such as YouTube, a lot of the powerful marketing possibilities on social media are discovering through the creative utilization of video posts. A broad selection of your video skills is appreciated by advertising departments and will set you apart from rivals for a position.

Layout and design

For image advertising campaigns, the ability to make a functional design that highlights the merchandise without overpowering audiences is a vital skill. The capability to offer sketches or summarizes to creative can suffice for many businesses, while some will prefer advertising professionals that are knowledgeable about design and art management applications and can implement their own marketing and advertising suggestions.


When interacting with customers, it’s essential to get a marketer to possess strong interpersonal abilities. By way of instance, when arguments arise between the imaginative management and the customer’s tastes, interpersonal skills may be utilized to find out whether the customer is resolute in their preference, or if there’s space to push your staff’s preferred plan of action. Strong interpersonal skills also raise the advertising professionals’ capacity to convince other people to pursue their preferred path to get a campaign or project through the preparation stage. Interpersonal skills can also make a customer feel closer to you and not as inclined to alter marketing companies.

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