Ben Givon Explains how to go viral
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Ben Givon explains: How to use social media to create stories that go viral

Are you having a hard time getting more clicks and bookmarks on your articles? Probably there is one place where you’re letting your content down. Often, even the best blog post writers make the mistake. The first question that comes up is What does a social media user sees first?

Yeah, you have guessed it. This is the title.

You won’t be drawing attention without a convincing headline and your post won’t spread as quickly. When you write a good headline, you’ll get more shares, more bookmarks, and your followers will have to share it with friends and contacts.

The first thing you need to do, according to Ben Givon experience, right when you write a new article is to get it read, and the first duty to get your article read is to attract the attention of the public.The following question relates to the interest of your audience. The question that arises is does your article attract a specific audience?

We are primarily motivated by self-interest and our brains are wired for any message that addresses us to look out and listen to. When the headline clearly describes a particular audience so that audience will note whether they have an connection to it. But be careful, this can go backfire!

What would not only get the reader to take note but also take action? You need to give him or her a strong reason to keep reading in the full article beyond the title and this is where interest comes in. Create an unfinished feeling; hang on to the punch line, so the reader has to find the answer to feel fulfilled.

The next big issue Is the headline offering important benefits? Will that answer your question “So what? “There has to be a payoff above all else. For them, the readers ought to know what’s in it, why should they care.

Ben Givon explains: How to use social media to create stories that go viral

Different Types of Headline

The main headline forms of social media appear in the following categories:

News — Breaking news, in particular, is highly common. Speak something out, post a bit of news, and let people know what’s going on now. Facebook news has made conventional news media look sluggish and obsolete because by the time the news spread across the social networks, corporate media simply pick it up. Of course, the downside to this is that the material will not be viewed as evergreen — there will always be something newer, lighter and more trendy.

How-to — Share a method, guide, recipe, or formula for something practical and helpful to accomplish. It’s sort of the same as the target, but instead of a fantasy, it gives you the steps to actually build something. For instance: “How to Win Friends and Lead People”.

Entertainment- Social media is packed with pure entertainment. It could be a funny video, a cute picture, a joke or even a link to a thread of an unintentionally funny forum. It is the material of the coffee break that was created on to social media. 

You have to cause an emotional response, above all. Note that we don’t just want “value,” we want the reader to take action — even if it’s just about hitting the vote-up button.

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