Ben Givon's 5 social media channels for marketing
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Ben Givon: 5 Top Social Media Channels for Business Marketing

Social media channels are increasingly being used by businesses for the attraction of new clients. But to choose the right social media platform for the fastest goal achievement can be very tricky and challenging. Nowadays social media more often used as a solution to lead generation or increased CTR or higher ROI.

With the proper understanding of your marketing goals, even one hour of social marketing work per day may bring you significant results like increasing lead generation or upraising brand awareness. Social media gives you insides and a deep understanding of whats your competitors do. Now is the time to meet Ben Givon’s 5 top social media channels for business marketing.


Facebook has a milliard of marketing tools and features, it makes it useful for any business purposes. Dynamic video retargeting campaigns are extremely effective; paid ads are frequently used by thousands of companies around the world. If you can automate your processes, and measure your ROI, there’s nothing stopping you from reaping all of the benefits Facebook has to offer.


LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing. It is an incredible social media platform that allows you to post professional content about your company’s goals and objectives. LinkedIn Groups is a great place to build professional connections. 


YouTube is owned by Google and it remains the most valuable audio-visual search engine and platform for social media use. YouTube offers plenty of content optimization possibilities to boost your company’s online ranking.


As you know Twitter has a 140-character limit and it makes the platform very popular for microblogging. Tweets that are eye-catchy and exciting will go viral instantly and hashtags will definitely assist.


The ideal social media channel for any business, with Yelp your clients will provide reviews of your products and services. Credibility is such a big part of a business’s image and it’s always a wise idea to encourage feedback from your clients on Yelp.

To ensure that your online marketing plan succeeds, it also means using the right tools at the right time. So, wishing you good luck with your business goal achievements!

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