9 Ben Givon’s Tips for New Social Media Campaigns
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9 Ben Givon’s Tips for New Social Media Campaigns

There is one way to develop a successful social media campaign. It’s planning. Here are 9 tips collected by Ben Givon, which help you to create a new campaign from scratch.

1. Have A Clear Goal.

Most social media campaigns have common goals, which include: lead generation, product awareness, and direct sales. So take your time to plan and decide what you want to achieve. A primary and secondary goal helps you to stay motivated. 

2. Learn The Promotional Rules Of The Social Media Platform You Are Using.

One of the first things that you need to consider is every social media has its own promotional rules that you have to be aware of. If you fail to stick by rules, then you risk losing your brand’s marketing page.

3. Pick Reliable Apps That Can Help You With Your Campaign.

There are many apps that marketers use to promote their social media campaigns. You should take advantage of some of these apps to run simple and successful campaigns. Another benefit of using such apps is that most of them are available for free, while others charge a small fee much more advanced service.

4. Use Different Tactics To Promote Your Social Media Campaign.

Every business has done its best to stay connected with their loyal clients with the help of social networks. So, if you want to attract new customers, then you might want to use other tactics to promote your page, such as the use of email campaigns, LinkedIn ads, and Facebook ads as well.

5. Don’t Ignore Social Search Engine Optimization.

Social media are designed with its search forums, where users can find topics that they are interested in. Create a list of phrases or keywords that you can use to rank your brand socially. Besides, make sure that you use the same keywords in your new social media campaign.

6. Take Advantage Of Influencers To Grow Your Audience.

Influencers play an important role in generating new leads. Influencers can be an industry or a particular group of people who can help to increase brand awareness. Because of this reason, it is necessary that you come up with a list of trusted influencers who can help you reach out to a lot of people. 

7. Develop A Campaign For Your Landing Page.

If your social media campaign involves redirecting users to a landing page where you host a website, you might be required to develop a landing page. Creating a landing page gives users confidence in knowing that they are on the right domain. But, if you do not guide clients once they land on your page, then you risk losing potential clients, and your conversion rates will decrease.

8. Measure Your Success.

You can measure your success by asking yourself whether you did achieve your goals or not?  If you did not, then that means that you did not succeed in creating a successful social media campaign.

9. Follow Up On Your New Social Media Campaign.

After settling on your new social media campaign, the next thing you are required to do is to follow up on all your new contacts. Moreover, make sure that you reply to tweets, and posts on a daily basis so that your campaign can continue. Moreover, the only way you can build a lasting relationship with your new contacts is by following up on a routine basis.

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