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7 Simple Ideas for Twitter Monitoring by Ben Givon

Do you want to boost your listening ability on Twitter? Here’s a closer look at how to use Twitter to track your brand, yourself or your competitors.

1. Determine what you would like to track

Ben Givon encourages you to decide what data you would like to track. Popular categories include the brand names, keywords for the market, clients and rivals.

More value over time is provided to you by a regular listening routine. To find the right blend, spend the time you need to create a routine that works for you.

2.Find the right software for real-time monitoring

To many companies today, real-time business knowledge is important. 

There are lots of different platforms to address this need. Twellow is a good place to start searching for the correct individuals to track on Twitter. For location-based searches, also check out Twellowhood.

3.Track URL Shorteners 

To track the links you share on Twitter and help you figure out what’s common with your audience, use URL shortening tools.

With a set of metrics that display it in a visual way as well as textually, the famous URL shortener enables you to track how many people click on the shortened link. This makes it easy to track your important links and control the interactions you have on social media.

To hear more and learn more about the people you want to communicate with on Twitter, follow these 7 steps by Ben Givon.

4.Track Hashtags by following

Ben Givon points out that hashtags are a basic method for searching. Hashtags for keywords, activities and trending topics are followed by people.

You may simply use a hashtag to search on Twitter. For statistics, you can also go to There are also several apps, such as Monitter and Twitterfall, to help you track hashtags.

5.Trends tracking when it’s necessary

For real-time quests, Twitter is the best social media platform. If it is important for your company to stay up to date with what is happening in the world, you also need to stay up to date on the latest resources on Twitter to track trending topics.

For trending topics, hashtags are also used, so the instruments you use for hashtags can also help you track trending topics. 

6.To track people on Twitter, use Twitter Lists too

Building your own Twitter lists and tracking people through these lists might be convenient for you. Know your rivals, you can set up a secret list and you’ll be the only user on your Twitter profile to see this private list. Using Twitter Lists 2 RSS, you can also set up an RSS feed to follow someone else’s Twitter list.

7.Make connections

According to Ben Givon, the first step of building real relationships with people is listening, and it’s just one part of using social media for your business. To cultivate and nurture relationships in social networking, you do need to link your Twitter to listen to other social media activities.

You will need to communicate and change your approach on the basis of what you hear while listening on Twitter to improve your bionic ear. To hear more and learn more about the people you want to communicate with on Twitter, follow these 7 steps.

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