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6 Ways that Will Help You Get More From Twitter with Ben Givon!

If you see Twitter as a chit-chat venue like some other social media service, and that’s how you use it for hours a day, then you’re probably better off doing something more constructive with your time. There are ways to get a lot of value out of Twitter, on the other side. It all depends, as with most things, on how you use it.

Here are some ways to use Twitter and to see the advantages of Twitter over other social networks and you can even enjoy it. Come on let’s get started!

1.Connections for Networking

With the help of Twitter you can have conversations and meet people we probably would not have met without it, Ben Givon points out.

It may not last, but Twitter is encouraging people to slip past the conventional gatekeepers right now, which may have kept them from talking to people they want to meet. If you think about how certain executives, celebrities or just really busy people are tightly locked down by their email inbox and phone, being able to slip 140 characters through all that to get right in front of them, well … It’s like networking’s magic wand.


Twitter is quickly becoming an immediate company lead referral framework. Someone will inquire if a consultant / freelancer / vendor / etc., knows somebody. Ben Givon says that with a certain skill set or experience, and with recommendations, others will respond. You will get a decent share of those referrals if you create a strong network. 

3.Sales directly

The final outcome of all these referrals is certainly purchases, but also sales of products and other services. This way, you can make millions of extra dollars. Bear in mind that people would stop paying attention if all you do is advertise your products, so keep up the positive content too. Create an offer and see what happens.

4.You can share insights or thoughts

On Twitter, there are some very smart people sharing their wisdom and insights. Ben Givon mentions that through Twitter you can influence others.

Keep an open mind and you can tap into the collected knowledge of insightful people from many different industries and backgrounds and from all over the world. You will also hear a lot about what individuals think of the material you put out and the service you provide.

5.Content impact

Your followers on Twitter can be a terrific source of useful extra material. You can get ideas that you would never be able to produce yourself if you survey your followers about a subject.  Everything you need to do is ask the question and put the answers together. Obviously, you have to ask the question in a certain way and you need to get permission from supporters.

The best way is to state up front that  and would like the feedback of my followers. Ask an open-ended question that people would love to address outside of the article on Twitter. Avoid yes / no questions, or something that your followers may be humiliated or upset to answer. If there is a risk that followers might feel that they might get the “wrong” response, they simply won’t respond.

6. Answers to all questions

Twitter has answers to everything, much more than you think!! 

Google search is excellent, but it can’t answer questions like the mind of the Twitter hive can. Twitter understands that people, particularly when we are not good at communicating the problem, can not put all their needs into tidy little keywords! Do you need a specific form of software? Ask Twitter! Would you like to know the name of the singer who wrote the film’s song? Ask Twitter!

As Ben Givon explains in this article, Twitter has many advantages over other social networks. You can use Twitter in all sorts of creative ways. Don’t have Twitter yet? It’s time to move on to a diverse, creative and big world!

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