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5 Ways to Boost your LinkedIn Marketing with Ben Givon

Wondering how to get out of LinkedIn for more? Are you making good use of LinkedIn? You’ll discover five LinkedIn ideas to boost your networking and marketing in this post.

1.With 1st-Level LinkedIn Connections, maintain top-of – mind awareness

Each update you see in the LinkedIn feed is a chance to understand what the individuals and companies you follow are thinking and working on.

For both your own information and to support your business, a daily scroll through your feed will help you gather useful data. You can hear about new products launched by your rivals, find persuasive studies published by your professional body in the field, or see news of events that you may want to attend.

The LinkedIn algorithm looks for signals from the people you communicate with most, like material, plus other interests you have displayed, such as groups you have joined and hashtags you follow. The algorithm responds to the data you have. A main myth-buster in this article is that no unique form of LinkedIn content is prioritized by LinkedIn, as Ben Givon advises.

The author of the post will be alerted when you communicate or connect with messages in your feed, which is a perfect way to get their attention. Being involved will also allow you to remain accessible to your own network as they will see the connections in their own feeds.

In the LinkedIn feed, the choices for interacting with content include:React,  Comment, Share and Send.   You can save them for later if you see useful updates in your feed. You may also see notifications that you don’t consider important or interesting. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of a post to tackle what you see.

The more you can control the feed, the more the material you find most interesting will be prioritized by the LinkedIn algorithm. So be brutal and unfollow—it’s liberating!

Five ideas how to boost your networking and marketing using LinkedIn

2.Grow your LinkedIn network from 2nd-Level Connections by Introductions

On LinkedIn, there are three relation levels: first, second , and third.

First-level contacts are those for whom you have accepted an invitation for a connection, a virtual exchange of business cards, so you can access updates from each other in your feeds. You’ll see what concerns you in your 1st-level contacts, what they want, comment on, and share.

If you’re not related to the original author of the article, next to their name, you’ll see “2nd,” which marks your relationship with them as removed in one step. As you learn how you might expand your own network and who you would be able to get introduced to, this can be beneficial.

If the 2nd-level link is somebody you would like to be a 1st-level link, your existing 1st-level connection may be notified. You must disclose your current 1st-level connection if the 2nd-level connection is somebody you would like to be a 1st-level connection. Another choice is to submit a customized 2nd-level link invitation to.

Grow your LinkedIn Network

3.Find out more about customers or competitors through LinkedIn Ads

You can also see advertising as you scroll through your feed, which will be clearly identified as promotions. As part of their targeting requirements, Ben Givon explains, advertisers on LinkedIn can pick unique audience features, so hopefully, the advertising you see will be important and beneficial to you.

This is another way you can spot information that can develop your knowledge and provide your company with insights, especially if your features are similar to those of your target audience. You might see commercials they’re also getting, maybe from your rivals.

Note, you have power over the data you see in the feed. You can control your ad preferences and opt out of getting message ads if you want your time on LinkedIn to be concentrated and efficient.

Using your LinkedIn account settings, you can change the ad settings.

You can hide individual posts when you see sponsored content in your LinkedIn feed by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the post and selecting Hide This Ad.

Find out more. about customers or competitors using LinkedIn

4.Keep engaged with community discussions on LinkedIn

While not the most common feature of the site, since there is so much to do elsewhere on LinkedIn and it can take time to get results, LinkedIn groups offer a place to have conversations with peers and target clients. The revamp of LinkedIn community features means you can now stay up-to – date via your feed if you are involved in group discussions.

You need to change the in-app alerts if you are not getting the new conversations or updates from your groups. Ben Givon instructs you to go to the home page for your group to change your settings. Tap the three dots to the right of the name of the group and select Update Your Setup. Under Contact Settings, to change the notification setting inside your LinkedIn account, press In-App Notifications for All Classes.

5.See the events you organize or attend on LinkedIn

The function of LinkedIn Events offers a simple way for users to build and attend events, whether they take place live on LinkedIn, via other online channels, or face-to-face.

Scroll down the left-hand side of the LinkedIn home page to create a LinkedIn event and press the + button next to the Events tab.

You will also be able to find them listed on the left side of your home page if you have accepted invites to any events shared on LinkedIn. According to Ben Givon, this is a great reminder to visit the page of the event to connect before and after the event and to get involved in any conversations between attendees that might take place.

In conclusion, It’s also an amazing real-time platform for collecting information customized to you as an individual person. LinkedIn is not just for making connections and posting updates. To boost your networking and marketing on the site, the five ideas above will help you take advantage of your LinkedIn feed.

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