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4 Four main ways Posterous Enhances Your network presence on Social Media with Ben Givon

Posterous is a social media platform where just about anything-photos , videos and words-is very easy to post. You can set up your account and publish content simply by sending an email. Yes, it is so simple!

Posterous is recognized as the most “social” social media networking place. It’s also the ideal solution for sharing content that’s too long for a tweet and too short for a blog post.

According to Ben Givon, There are several different reasons and motives to build a free Posterous account. Let’s take a look at the 4 most popular reasons for companies to use Posterous.

1.Can replace other social networks

When a regular blog is not for you, Posterous will offer you similar advantages to a regular blog without the work of setting up a blog and maintaining it. Sending your content by email is all you have to do. It’s that simple. This is why Posterous is perfect for lifestreaming.

This can be a good starting point for companies hesitating to build their own blog. Posterous will provide a place to learn more about social media and create the right strategies for content.

2.Might improve your online network presence

Next, you’ve got to find more search engine updates. If you want to share images and videos online, Posterous makes it very easy to do this   And with this made simple by photo and video publishing, you end up sharing more content to improve your search results online.

Second, you can publish your poster content on a website of your own. You will install your Posterous account on your own URL, unlike other social media sites. This means that you can set up your account on: Posterous:Separate from your business page,  to your own domain name or even use your new website or blog sub-domain. Ben Givon emphasizes, as the social media world shifts over time, this is something important to bear in mind.

3.Gives You Another Social Media Presence

Posterous is often used by many business professionals to post material that would be off-topic on their main website or blog and interact online with a particular audience.

Posterous provides an easy location to share various “social” content. A separate channel makes it simple to build an additional connecting point with your audience, to reach various mindsets with a different style.This makes it simple for various audiences to reach out.

4.Making publishing content simple for groups and individuals 

It also helps you to set up community accounts with Posterous. Ben Givon explains that you can set up: Posterous pages for individual members of the team, Poster collaborative pages for various company employees to post on the same page and Collaborative poster pages to get individuals outside of your industry to work on a single poster page.

Creating a social identity and adjusting to various social media channels are not easy for many companies. As they learn more about integrating social media into their existing marketing strategies, Posterous offers companies a way to create a social connection between their own website and other social media sites.Go ahead and give it a try!

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