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3 Extraordinary Ben Givon’s tips for improving your Social Media SEO

Would you like to rank higher on search engines?

Interested in ways to improve your SEO by using your social accounts?

Social media impacts your search results considerably, and a strong social presence can boost your search rankings. In this article, you’ll find a few ways to improve your search rankings using social media.

Are you ready? Let’s get going!

1. Build links with your social networks
In the search rankings, Google used to place a high value on the building of links, no matter what quality of links you were building. When people figured this out and began manipulating rankings with fake or low-quality links to their site, Google began to focus on links with higher quality.

It may sound trivial, but make sure you include a working link to your website not just in your content, but in every social profile that you have. Besides increasing traffic to your site, it’s also very valuable for building links.

To encourage sharing, post content such as new products or blog posts to your social profiles when it comes to link building within the content. For example, you could create and embed a relevant YouTube video for each blog post, capitalizing on the high-level web authority to send traffic to your site and boost search ranks.

2. Grow your base of followers
In searches, pages with lots of high-quality followers rank better. High-quality followers on your social channels are true followers and a large percentage of them engage or interact with you in some form.

As for SEO, social signals are a very real factor. Search engines look at social signals to find out how often you are posting to your social media accounts, how many people are interacting with you and if there are elements of social sharing available to your site visitors.

There’s no point in trying to outsmart Facebook’s algorithms with fake likes. Followers with low quality aren’t good for you. Facebook will not only punish you for fake links, search engines like Google will also punish you with lower rankings.

3. Make your content easy to share

Pinterest is a great example of a social platform making your content searchable as well as sharable. Pinterest very much encourages sharing. Users post pins to their boards that they like, and share them with other users of Pinterest.

Many social accounts, or relatively so, give you the option to keep your content private. You can have unlisted videos on YouTube, and only those who have links to the videos can view them. Pinterest enables secret boards, and Twitter provides you with the option of having a private profile.

You want all of your social accounts to be public and searchable when it comes to your business. The more people that see your posts, the more people that are likely to share it. Encouraging sharing is an excellent way to improve your search rankings.

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