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10 Tips and Hacks for Instagram by Ben Givon

Instagram is a favorite social media platform of many, because of its widespread use for both personal and business purposes. For those who are not advanced users of Instagram, Ben Givon has created a list of unknown features and hacks that are available on this social network. These tips will be useful, no matter the vocation, a content manager working in a marketing agency, a recruiter looking to demonstrate your company’s culture or simply an individual who wants to use Instagram to their advantage. 

These tips by Ben Givon will be useful, no matter the vocation.
  1. Schedule your posts. Many Instagram users don’t know that they can pre-schedule posts to a specific day and time. This possibility is available if you have a business account. Once you log into your scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, you can upload images and schedule them whenever you choose. 
  2. Adjust your Instagram bio to appear on the “explore” tab. This page is available if you click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app. Hashtagging your posts is the first thing to do if you’d like to be discovered by people who search the topics your posts are about. You can also mention these topics in your bio to promote your profile. 
  3. Create a selection of saved posts. You have an option to bookmark posts you like and by doing so you add them to a collection of saved posts. Select “Settings” and proceed to “Saved”. You can define the collections by themes. 
  4. Add text to enhance your Stories. Stories is a feature on Instagram that allows you to post pictures that appear only for 24 hours. Stories became more sophisticated over time; you can add stickers, emojis and text to your posts to make them more engaging. In order to add text press “Aa” feature before uploading your picture and add a caption. There is a selection of fonts you can choose from, namely Classic, Neon, Typewriter, Strong and Modern. 
  5. Use “Highlights” to save Stories. You can use this feature in order to make your Stories appear on your profile longer than a day. To create Stories highlights press a plus sign below your bio and select from the collection of Stories you had so far. After that choose a cover picture and give the album a name. 
  6. Post content uploaded by other users on your Instagram Story. It may happen that you won’t always have something worthy of a post or a Story. In cases like these you can post content created by others. In order to do that tap the paper airplane at the bottom of the post and select “Add post to your story”. 
  7. Delete, disable or hide comments on your posts. Instagram is a social media platform where you are in control of what people write on your posts. This option is especially important if you use a business account. In order to filter comments go to “Options” and choose “Comments” where you can “Hide Inappropriate Comments”. Also it is possible to block specific comments based on a particular keyword. It’s also an option to disable the comments on Instagram completely. Ben Givon warns that it is impossible to turn off commenting throughout your entire profile, you can do it only on separate posts before you upload them. What you should do is select “Advanced settings” and then “Turn off commenting”.
  8.  Use Instagram to edit photos without posting them. If you like Instagram filters and its editing features, but are not ready to post at the moment or in general, you can use Instagram editor on airplane mode. Make sure to save the photo in your gallery by selecting “Save Original Photos”. Upload the photo, edit it and then post; you will receive an error message due to the airplane mode, but you will be able to find the photo in your phone’s gallery. 
  9. Manage posts you are tagged in. A photo or a video you have been tagged in will automatically appear under the section “Photos of You”. However, you can control this collection by opting for “Manually approve tags”. After that you can hide posts that have been added by other users by tapping “Hide from Profile”. This action will not remove posts from Instagram and the change will be applied only to your profile. 
  10. Browse posts from specific locations. The great thing about Instagram is that you can look for photos and videos from certain locations. It is useful when you plan a trip or would like to see how a particular place looks like. In order to do that click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the home screen and get to the search page. After that select “Places” and enter the name of the location you are interested in. When you click “Search” you’ll be redirected to the page with the recent posts from that geolocation. 

These hacks Ben Givon put together for you should help you use Instagram to the fullest extent. Moreover, some of these tips will help you increase your brand’s presence on this social media platform. 

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