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10 Smart Ways to Get More Comments and Likes on Instagram by Ben Givon

If you are not a hopeless addict of Instagram, you might be able to survive a day or two without opening the app. And when you look at your feed, you might notice that the feed is not chronological anymore. It is so because Instagram has changed their algorithm. In this article, we will cover what’s new with the Instagram’s algorithm together with the tips that should help you get more likes over a short period of time.

In summer 2016, Instagram announced that from that moment it would display first what people care about regardless of when it was posted. This made it more difficult for social media marketers to get organic exposure. In addition to that, two years later the app started prioritizing the posts from friends and family. However, in some cases brand posts with organic engagement can sometimes overcome these algorithms. Here is what influences when it comes to ranking of a user’s feed:

  • The number of likes and comments
  • If a user has engaged with the content in the past
  • The recency of the post

Here is what you need to consider before Ben Givon gets to the strategies for boosting your posts’ exposure. 

  • Keep your profile public

If you adhere to this piece of advice, you can count on being found by new followers.

  • Turn on push notifications

If you enable push notifications, you will be able to react to comments immediately. Keep in mind that the more people interact with your account, the higher on their feed your posts will appear. 

Are you ready to dive into strategies to increase the exposure of your content with Ben Givon? You’d better!

Are you ready to dive into strategies to increase the exposure of your content with Ben Givon? You’d better!
  1. Conduct a giveaway or contest

A giveaway or a contest is a great way to invite new users to engage with your content. You can publish a post asking users to leave comments below it. This contest can last a couple of weeks where users will leave comments every day. Ben Givon also recommends encouraging your audience to generate their own content and tag your page in their posts.

  1. Invite users to comment on your posts

It might appear too simple, but the simplest way to get more comments is to ask for them. Design posts where the content invites users to share and tag their friends. It is an uncomplicated way that leads to better exposure and user engagement. 

  1. Invent provocative, surprising or funny posts

Statistics show that posts that go viral provoke strong emotions. Among the most successful posts are those that trigger surprise, laughter, curiosity and contemplation. If users’ emotions are strong there is a better chance that they will comment or like a post. 

  1. Publish videos

Videos take up a large part of all content on Instagram, Ben Givon emphasizes. You can post intriguing videos that make users stop and spend some time watching it. Don’t forget to ask in the caption to like and share your video, if you do so most likely your visitors will do that. 

  1. Implement relevant hashtags

Keep in mind that when you add to your post hashtags, these posts will appear in relevant searches. It goes without saying that posts that have at least one hashtag trigger much more engagement. People who find your posts through hashtags might choose to comment on your posts, if they see you talking about topics they are interested in. Use hashtags that represent your industry and content, so you can bring in new people to the conversation. Here you can find the list of the most popular hashtags according to a theme. 

  1. Publish your posts at the right time

There is a lot of fuss about the time one should upload their posts. The time of posting depends on your industry, your followers and the type of content you post. Ben Givon recommends you to test the waters and try posting at different times every day and see which posts yield the most engagement and comments. This way you can define your publishing schedule. 

  1. Post pictures of animals

Everybody knows that pictures of animals are quite popular on Instagram. Animal influencers are as much successful as human influencers. It may happen that you have furry friends in your office, or maybe you have a pet of your own, don’t hesitate to post their pictures. You will see how much your audience will appreciate such pictures. You can also invite people to tag their friends in these posts.

  1. React and respond to the comments you receive

Just like with other social media platforms, it is important to react to people’s comments to show them that you care about what they have to say. Moreover, if you reply to comments you can encourage your audience to comment even further. In addition, people who were inactive previously might start asking you questions or sharing their opinion to join the discussion.

  1. Create eye-catching captions using emojis

Ben Givon has already mentioned that hashtags are going to lead to more exposure, while emojis are going to help your captions look more interesting and eye-catching. However, don’t overdo it and use only one or two emoji per post. 

  1. Post frequently

Frequent posting will make your profile look up-to-date. If you publish rarely, your content might get lost in the ocean of information. More people will see your posts if you publish content regularly at optimized times of the day. This will ultimately result in increased audience engagement, such as more comments and likes.

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